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Free from all additives, vegan, domestic. 7-8 kg of fresh fruit are enclosed into a box.


Apple-peach pressed, fibrous juice with peach puree


Product information

Is there a healthier fruit juice than one with 100% fruit content?

Yes, there is. The solution is hidden in the fruit processing

The most wide-spread production in the world is the fruit juice made of water-diluted concentrate. The content of any fruit juice produced this way is determined in a chart, for instance the contents of a 100% pure apple juice are: 10 kg concentrate + 58 l water + other additives.


About the fruit juice concentrate production simply:

The concentrate is produced by physically impacting, draining and compressing the fruit using heat and chemicals. Due to this technology a great percentage of the nutritional composition and vitamins of the fruit gets lost.

Apart from one single apple juice compressive plant there is no other such plant in our country. As a consequence, all fruit concentrates used in Hungary come from import.


Our family business does not use concentrates, it owns its private fruit processing plant

We process fresh, ripe fruit to produce valuable pressed juices and puree, rich in vitamins. After that we make our fruit juice by combining the pressed apple juice and the eponymous fruit puree in the proper ratio. Comparing our product to the water-diluted, so called 100% fruit juices, we have the pulpy content, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients, thanks to the direct processing of the ripe fruit. 1 liter fruit or vegetable juice, depending on its kind, contains 1.5-2 liter pressed, pulpy fruit or vegetable juice with the eponymous fruit puree. The consumption of our fruit juice has beneficial effects on our health.

  • Preserved by gentle heat treatment
  • Does not contain preservatives or artificial colouring
  • Fruit purée makes the product rich
  • It is vegan – contains only plant-based ingredients

We suggest that you consume pulpy products made of pressed fruit purée instead of re-diluted concentrates.


Producer information

Our family business, the Nektária Manufacture was founded in Fejér county in 2012. We produce healthy, domestic, premium quality products through gentle processes, from mainly locally grown vegetables. We can proudly declare that our company is currently providing a living for 20-25 families. Our colleagues and business partners consider sustainable management, operation and climate protection particularly important.

We know that food purchase is based on trust. The trust we receive from you determines our everyday work.

With love, the Nektária family


pressed apple juice processed by us, apple puree min.69%, peach puree min.26%, cleaned water in variable quantity to set consistency max.5%, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, natural peach flavour.

Nutritional facts

Nutrition facts per 100 ml:

Energy 230 kJ/54 kcal
Fat 0,44 g
of which trans fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 12 g
of which sugar 11 g
Protein 0.8 g
Salt 0.001 g
Fiber 5 g


We recommend that you buy our product in refillable packaging to save our environment and spare your money. In case you do not have a reusable container yet, we suggest that you put one in your cart at the first purchase.


Store it in a dry and cool place

Manufactured by

Nektária Kft.
8126 Sárszentágota,
Központi major 0216/10

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