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Az immunrendszer hatékony támogatója! Termékünket frissítettük, kiszerelése is módosult. Magyarországon termesztett ascola homoktövis ültetvények tiszta gyümölcsének préselt leve mézzel most még élvezhetőbb, íze, színe kellemesebb. Napi ajánlott minimum 1 evőkanálnyi mennyiség fogyasztása mellett fejti ki jótékony hatását. Felbontás után kérjük, tárolja hűtve és 10 napon belül fogyassza el. 500 ml-es palackban, csavarzárt kupakkal szállítjuk.


Bio préselt homoktövis mézes

Product description

Sea buckthorn is a so called superfood, natural immunostimulant.

It is extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins and active substances. The buckthorn has a positive effect on the whole body. It protects our immune system against infections, helps our digestion and metabolism, supports the operation of our respiratory and locomotory system, among other benefits. It has anti-inflammatory affects, is beneficial to our cardiovascular system, beautifies our skin, and protects the health of our eyes. Sea buckthorn is also an effective herb from gynaecological, urological and oncological points of view.

Its consumption is advisable first of all for prevention and vitalisation.

There are many subspecies established with stronly different amounts of active agents. We process ascola, the most valuable subspecies with the highest composition of all that are planted in Hungary, using our original, very gentle cold procedure. We are proud that the sea buckthorn that we produce has the most valuable composition.

It is most beneficial when the daily reccomended amount of 1 tablespoon is consumed. Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 10 days.

Producer information

Our family business, the Nektária Manufacture was founded in Fejér county in 2012. We produce healthy, domestic, premium quality products through gentle processes, from mainly locally grown vegetables. We can proudly declare that our company is currently providing a living for 20-25 families. Our colleagues and business partners consider sustainable management, operation and climate protection particularly important.

We know that food purchase is based on trust. The trust we receive from you determines our everyday work.

With love, the Nektária family

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